Scooter’s Endgame

Book 5, Operation Checkmate (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)

He'll do anything to keep her, even give her up...

Beckett "Scooter" Archer has been in love with another man's woman since the day Kathleen Pierce smiled at him at a cookout. But he's not the type of man to break up a happy family, especially when he's a fellow Navy SEAL and she has a young son to take care of.

Stay-at-home mom, Kathleen, has always put her son Luke's wellbeing above her own. In and out of hospital since birth, his need for medical care is the only reason she's stayed with Jeff as long as she has. Everything changes when he kicks her and Luke out without a word of explanation, leaving them homeless and alone.

Learning of their situation, Scooter makes Kay an offer she can't refuse. He needs a housekeeper; she needs a job and a home for herself and her son. Unable to deny their attraction for each other, Kay hardly dares to hope that the man offering her a happily-ever-after is for real, until their idyll is shattered.

With their relationship under scrutiny and Luke's future at stake, Scooter is determined this is one endgame he's determined to win, at any cost. But can he convince Kay they're worth the risk, or will she sacrifice their love to keep her son?