Gator’s Gambit

(Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Operation Checkmate Book 6)


Born with a rare genetic condition, Fancy Gilmore has always been treated as fragile by those closest to her. A desire for independence and a secret love for her best friend’s brother sent her running to San Francisco and a new life. When a client-turned-stalker catapults her back to the safety of her parents’ home, she doesn’t expect to find herself in the arms of the man she’s spent years trying to forget.

Navy SEAL, Godric “Gator” Soren has spent his entire life believing Fancy could do anything she set her mind to, while still trying to protect her from harm. On medical leave back home after a mission gone wrong, he’s shocked to find her gentle spirit seems shattered in ways unrelated to her condition. With a world that believes her to be as fragile as a butterfly, Fancy needs to find the strength to trust in herself, Gator, and their love for each other.


With a madman determined to destroy their newfound connection the way he’s convinced Fancy destroyed his own, will Gator’s last desperate gambit be enough to draw out the threat and put an end to it forever?


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