Dutch’s Defense

Book 4, Operation Checkmate (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)

Decisive. Aggressive. Dangerous.

These are the words that have always been associated with Onyx “Dutch” Wilde and his ability to manipulate the enemy into positions of vulnerability with his well-played strategies. But the Navy SEAL has never had to deal with the most powerful defense a woman can muster – until now.

Friend-zoned. That’s the move Sage Hudson pulled when she found herself unexpectedly drawn to the drop-dead gorgeous man offering to keep her safe. An abusive ex-boyfriend and a traumatic experience with a vicious drug lord left her convinced that acting on their mutual attraction would just confuse matters and leave her heartbroken on top of everything else.

But when her ex resurfaces, along with threats from the criminal mastermind, Dutch is determined that he’s going to keep the woman who’s crept beneath his defenses and into his heart safe – friend-zone be damned. Playing it cool when every inch of her longs to claim him for her own, Sage and Dutch find themselves in a stalemate – unsure how to move forward.

With their lives and hearts on the line, will they risk it all for the ultimate prize: love?