Digit’s Deflecton

(Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Operation Checkmate Book 7)


She fled from him years ago, taking his heart with her. Now he’s found her again, he’ll do whatever it takes to make things right, and keep her with him forever.

Throwing himself into his career as a Navy SEAL, Treven “Digit” Nicols has tried to put memories of the night he lost the love of his life behind him. His life off-duty as a Dominant at The Blue Rose provides a healthy release for his baser needs while ensuring he remains free of any commitments. The fact that he’s never been able to forget Liora is just because he doesn’t know why she ran from him. Or so he tells himself.


Their romance was one for the storybooks, but Liora Adams’ traumatic memories drove her from Treven’s arms in a state of panic just days before they planned to run away together. She’s been running ever since, wishing desperately that she could go back and change things. A new start in the town of Riverton leads to a job waitressing at an exclusive club, where the scenes of bondage and trust between Dom and Sub have her fascinated. When she asks her boss for an introduction into their world, she doesn’t expect the Master he introduces her to, to be the man she’s spent years longing to find again.

Reunited, by fate or chance, Treven and Liora are determined to lay the past to rest, but their future together is at risk. A psychopath is closing in on Treven’s SEAL team, and this time William Armatrout the Third will stop at nothing to ensure none of them have a happily ever after. It’s Checkmate in the final minute and this time, Digit’s Deflection may not be enough to protect his family or the woman he’ll lay down his life for.


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