Happy Spring

Happy Spring y’all!

Well, if you live in the southern hemisphere that is.  I know my American friends and family are moving into fall (or autumn as we call it here in South Africa) now.  It has been a bitterly cold winter this year and I really don’t enjoy the cold.  One thing I am deeply grateful for this winter though is the much needed rain.  Cape Town is still under stringent water restrictions but the winter rains have gone a long way to relieving some of the strain.  The other good thing about the cold is I tend to get things done.  Simply because I don’t want to leave the house, so the temptation to head out the door on weekends is removed.

Over the past couple of months I finished the edits I wanted to do on my debut novel, Love At Last, and got that baby off to the beta readers.  I’ve now plotted and outlined two more stories and am just about ready to get down to starting the writing process on one.  But sadly, that will have to wait for a bit as the feedback is now back from my lovely beta readers and Monday I will be going full steam ahead with the next round of edits on Love At Last.  Once that’s off to my editor I’ll settle down with the new one.

I’ve been squeezing some reading time in too – always a winner on a cold winter night, snuggled down with the electric blanket and a good book.  I’ve been enjoying a wide variety of books, everything from sweet romance to some darker reads.

Well lovelies, that’s all from me for now.

Until next time, stay awesome. xx


What I have been/am reading at the moment:

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