Book Review : The Keepers Series – Rae Rivers

Oh my goodness, it seems like just yesterday I was wishing everyone a happy March.  Now we’re two thirds of the way through.  I feel like I’ve been on the express bus through this month.  Between work and writing, I haven’t gotten out much and I’ve seen almost no one other than my family.  But it has been a deeply fulfilling month too.  My manuscript is 70% done, I’m maintaining my word count to finish the Romance Novel Writing Month I signed up for and I’ve even managed to get a few pages read (a win all round, I’d say).  For the most part I’ve been focused on reading South African authors recently and am loving it.

Usually I review single books but this this time I’ve decided to do a series.  The series deserves to be reviewed all at once since once you’ve read one, you’ll want to read the others too and it’s not fair to make you wait. 😊  I’ve read three out of the four books in this series but since it’s taking me forever to get to that point in my TBR for Ethan (the final instalment) I thought I’d go ahead and get it out there in the meantime.

Rae Rivers is the very talented lady behind The Keepers series.  She weaves a tale as old as time – good versus evil.  And what a tale!

The central story running through all four books is that of Sienna Beckham, of the powerful Beckham witches, and her four Keepers, the Bennett siblings – the family sworn to protect her.

In the prequel, The Keepers : Sienna (free for download), we meet Sienna and her keepers.  It is Sienna’s destiny to maintain the balance of power in the world but when a tragedy no one could have foreseen rocks her world she withdraws from the world she’s meant to protect.  Heartbroken, reeling from grief, she runs from everything and everyone.  Will any of them ever be the same again?

Archer, the first book in the series, centres on Archer and Sienna, and their story.  The book opens with him having to track Sienna down.  She’s trying to live an ordinary life, and almost succeeds, but ordinary is one thing she’ll never be.  No longer able to give her the time and space to come to terms with loss, Archer is tasked with bringing Sienna home to fulfil her destiny.  The world needs her and she needs to step up.  As forbidden love grows between Sienna and Archer, evil stalks her home town and it will test her to her limit.  Love between a witch and her keeper(s) is forbidden by the The Circle, the group of elders that govern the law of magic.  Will she save the day and win her guy?

In Declan, book 2 in the series, we get to know the second brother of the three.  While the story still follows Sienna’s journey to save the world from evil, we get to know Declan better.  Sienna and Declan’s relationship has been strained since the tragedy in the prequel but he is still tasked with keeping her safe.  A task he still takes seriously.  But can they find a way past the distance that’s grown between them?  It also deals with Declan’s path to love.  Will he find his happy ever after?

Ethan, the final instalment in this series, is the one I am diligently working my way towards on my trusty TBR.  If paranormal romance is your cup of tea, I highly recommend investing in this series so you can join me in finding out how it all comes together.  I look forward to reading the resolution with you. 😊📚

You can find buy links for your copies here.

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