Book Review : Not a Fairy Tale – Romy Sommer

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a new member of our Cape Town chapter of ROSA and we had the loveliest morning chatting about everything under the sun.  Of course, the conversation inevitably turned to our taste in books – what we like to write but also what we like to read.  She has been sending me all kinds of recommendations and I love it.  But I despair too as my TBR continues to grow at what has become an alarming rate.  I have been diligent working on it though, I promise.  I am happy to report that since I wrote a post back in August about the top 5 South African books on my TBR list at the time I have managed to read three out of the five and am currently working on number four. 🥂🍾

I think I might have mentioned (a couple of billion times 😊) that one of the many benefits of being a ROSA member is access to the awe-inspiring talent of fellow members.  To be honest, a fair size chunk of my TBR is made up of the myriad fabulous books they’ve written. (Yup – I’m proudly South African and love to support my fellow authors)  My latest read is from our much loved and respected chairlady, Romy Sommer.  I have had this book for a while but it’s been a little ways down the TBR so it’s taken me a while to get to it.  But it was well worth the wait.  It’s not the first of Romy’s work I’ve read and it most definitely won’t be the last.  (You can read my book review on her 1920’s novella Dear Julia here.)

This time it was a contemporary romance – Not a Fairly Tale.  Not a Fairy Tale is the story of actress Nina Alexander and stuntman Dominic Kelly.

Hollywood is all about appearances and reputation.  When Nina’s image takes a bit of a knock through no fault of her own she realises she’s going to have to do something drastic to save her career.  There’s a role that she covets that would be just the thing to pull it off.  But nobody realises how good of an actress Nina really is as she hides all her broken pieces and insecurities behind her “Hollywood face”.  If Nina is win the role she has her heart set on she will need the best stuntman in the business to teach her what she needs to know.

In terms of his career Hollywood has been good to Dominic but the harsh reality is you’re only as good as your last job.  One too many stunts has left Dom’s body damaged beyond repair but in order to go for the surgery he so desperately needs he will have to take too long off work.  By the time he’s recovered enough Hollywood will have forgotten him.  When Nina asks him to train her for the role of a lifetime he agrees.

The more time they spend together the harder the sexual attraction pulls but Nina is wary of Dominic’s “love ‘em and leave ‘em” attitude.  Dominic sees Nina as a the type of woman you settle down and have a family with, and he’s not ready for that level of commitment.  Can they resist the temptation or will they give in?  If they give in, where do they go from there?  I highly recommend investing in your own copy of Nina and Dominic’s story to find out how it ends.

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