The Valentine’s Day Dilemma

I am a romance writer.  Romance is my thing.  I love all things romance.  But!  I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day.  There … I said it.

What!  Why?  I hear you ask in horror and disbelief.  It’s simple really.  I don’t believe that romance deserves only one day in the year.  I believe we should honour our love daily.  Love is something that should be cherished and nurtured every single day.  Love is the driving force that makes the world go round.

But it isn’t necessarily in the big gestures.  Sometimes it’s in the little things that he does for you, day-in-and-day-

out.  That cup of coffee waiting for you each morning as you drag your sorry self out of bed to start a new day (can you tell I’m not a big morning person?🤣)  It’s the beautiful rose he saw in the garden this morning that made him think of you, that quietly shows up on your desk to let you know that.  When he listens to you drone on about the plot of your latest manuscript even though romance novels aren’t his thing and he’d rather be playing Halo and “killing” things.  Or surprising you with your favourite peanut brittle because your local store no longer stocks it and he stumbled across it in another while doing shopping because crowds aren’t your thing.

It’s that quiet “Night angel.  I love you.” every night before he settles down to sleep.

In the end I guess it isn’t really a dilemma after all.  Nope, Valentine’s Day isn’t my thing.  But if it’s yours, Happy Valentine’s Day. 😊

To my love – happy I love You Every Day Day.


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