Book Review : The Wingman – Natasha Anders

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, South Africa has a wealth of wonderful talent.  Different people, from different walks of life, all united by a common love – books.  Reading them, writing them, talking about them, writing about reading them.  And that’s what I’m doing today – writing about reading. 😁

I grew up an only child and reading was a huge source of entertainment for me.  A good book would draw me into its world and I got to live the fantasy of it along with the characters.  Still to this day, I get transported into a book’s world, living the emotions alongside that of the main characters.  I’m always on the look out for wonderful books.  Last year sometime I finally made it to a Natasha Anders book that had been on my TBR (to be read) list for a while (we don’t talk about the size of my TBR) – The Unwanted Wife.  I loved it!  And despite having a TBR list as long as I am tall I went ahead and got the rest of her available books, and devoured those too.  Her latest offering at the time was only available on pre-order and I had to wait for it. 🙁 (Patience isn’t my strongest trait!  LOL!)

I got busy and on to other books but the other day I had a reminder pop up.  Happy days.  I made a “Sunday, Restday” project out of it.  I dashed around Sunday morning doing all my chores and getting anything done that required my attention before I crept back into bed … yup, you read it correctly!  I crept back into bed, armed with my coffee and The Wingman.  Thank the good Lord my husband was working the evening shift because I spent the whole day in bed reading.  I stopped long enough to make hubby dinner and spend a bit of time with him before returning to my book.  By 3 a.m. the next morning The Wingman was done.  It was a bittersweet moment.  I loved getting to share Daisy and Mason’s story with them but I was sad when it came to an end.

The Wingman tells the story of Daisy McGregor and Mason Carlisle.  On the face of it they seem an unlikely match but when you look a little closer there’s more similarities than meets the eye.

Daisy is shy and awkward.  She’s the voluptuous one in the family and has spent her entire life feeling less than her mother and sisters because of it.  What they perceive as being helpful Daisy views as them being critical.  Growing up under those circumstances Daisy had grown up with a lack of self esteem and confidence.  But she has a quirky sense of humour that few get to see and she is fiercely loyal.

Mason is the take charge, “I’ve got this” ex-military man fighting his own set of demons.  War is never pretty and leaves some scars that can’t be seen.  In order to hang on to his sanity Mason leaves the military behind to live life as a civilian again.  Like Daisy, he’s fiercely loyal and willing to help out where he can.  He too has issues of worthiness because of his childhood.  But instead of letting his past lead him down the path of career criminal he made it his life’s mission to make something of his life.

Mason’s brother, Spencer, has always had a thing for Daisy’s sister, Daffodil, so when he sees an opportunity to get her attention he convinces Mason to be his wingman.  His mission is to keep Daisy occupied while Spencer cosies up to Daffodil.  Reluctantly he agrees (see – that family loyalty thing isn’t always a good thing 😉😃).  Turns out they actually have a terrific evening.  That is until Spencer inadvertently lets the proverbial cat out of the bag.  Daisy is hurt – I mean, wouldn’t you be?  But after the initial feelings of hurt and anger she devises a means of revenge that turns the tables on Mason – he will have to be her  wingman at her sister, Dahlia’s, wedding.  I highly recommend you invest in a copy of your own to follow the tale of Daisy and Mason, and to find out what happens at the wedding weekend get together.  Not to be missed.

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