Book Review : United by Their Royal Baby–Therese Beharrie

I love it when I find an author whose work really grabs my attention and sucks me into the story so you end up “living” it right alongside the main characters.  A few months ago I discovered the writing of the fabulous Therese Beharrie when I read A Marriage Worth Saving, my first read of hers.  So I was thrilled when I saw she was looking for bloggers to review her new book due out in January.  I was in! 😊

I received my copy and with said book in my grubby clutch I headed for a comfy spot to get a-reading.  She didn’t disappoint!  I love how she draws you into the story, makes you feel what her characters are feeling – you can’t help but cheer them on to a happy ending.

United by Their Royal Baby is the first of two books set in the fictional kingdom of the Three Isles – Aidara, Mattan and Kiritida.  In this book you get to meet (and fall in love with) Queen Leyna of Aidara and King Xavier of Mattan.

Leyna and Xavier are lifelong friends who fell in love.  Then duty got in the way.  Leyna’s life is turned upside down when tragedy strikes and duty calls.  She feels torn between duty and love because she fears she cannot do both well.  So she sacrifices love for duty, and in doing so not only breaks her own heart but Xavier’s too.  Feeling that she has no other choice Leyna locks her hopes and dreams for marriage, children and a life with Xavier away to rule as queen of Aidara.  Despite being a much loved ruler of her country Leyna is only living a half life.  When she learns that Xavier is to marry, any hope she might have harboured in the deepest recesses of her heart wither and die a painful death.

For Xavier, Leyna has always been his refuge, the safe haven he can go to when the life of a royal becomes to much to bear.  She is his salvation, everything good in his life.  When she chooses duty over their love he is devastated.  But being king doesn’t leave a man time to grieve.  His family push him to get over Leyna and step up to his duty, to provide an heir to the throne of Mattan.  He bows to the pressure and takes a bride.  But his marriage is doomed from the very beginning.  His new wife comes to realise that his heart will never truly be hers, it belongs to another.  Nevertheless, Xavier tries his best to do right by both his kingdom and his bride.

When the Alliance of the Three Isles is threatened and the safety of their people is at stake Queen Leyna and a now widowed King Xavier find themselves having to put their differences aside.  They must stand together against the threat facing them, caused by none other than the third member of the Alliance – King Zacchaeus of Kiritida.  If an heir is the only way to save their kingdoms will they be able to heal old hurts in the name of duty?  Are they strong enough to find their way back to each other and a love they abandoned years ago?  I highly encourage you to get a copy of your own to find out.  Another wonderful read by this talented author!

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