Closing out the year

Oh my word what a year it’s been.  So much has been moving and shaking in my writing world.  Some of it has been good, some of it hasn’t been quite so good.

I have made a lot of changes to my personal writing and am feeling good about it, excited to see what the new year will bring.  But through all of it, the one thing that has remained constant is the wonderful connection to my fellow members of the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa.  They are an unending source of love and support, proving why romance writers are the best!

While our Cape Town chapter took its first tentative steps late in 2014 with only four of us to attend get togethers and workshops we have grown over the last two-odd years.  We now boast a healthy list of 20 members in our chapter and look forward to growing it steadily in the future.  This year has been a particularly good year for retreats, get togethers and writing days.  On Saturday, 18 November, we had our last event of the year 🙁 and what a truly lovely day it was.

We spent the day at the beautiful Colosseum Luxury Hotel at Century City.  Ten of us gathered for a day of chatting, writing, planning and, of course, eating.  What is a writing day if it doesn’t involve eating, right?  Writing requires fuel after all.  And boy did the hotel feel we needed feeding!  Between snacks on arrival, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea I think we were fit to burst by the end of the writing day.  Oh, and not to forget the sweeties they so thoughtfully provided. 😂

We started out with tea/coffee and nibbles on arrival.  We got to welcome a new lady to our circle who very thoughtfully brought the ladies the most gorgeous red roses to celebrate why we were there.  As she put it:  “All romance writers need some inspiration.”  Indeed Corinna!  And what will put you in the mood to write romance quicker than being spoiled with the flower of love?  A general gabfest then commenced to catch each other up on all the things that had happened since we last saw each other, then on to updates on the retreat that we’ll be having in the new year and other sundry announcements.  And lastly handing out of the goodie bags which was supposed to have been done at lunch but no one seemed to be able to wait that long to see what was inside.  Then, when we finally managed to get the worse of it out of our systems, we managed to settle down and get some words written before breaking for the first tea break of the day.

The day flew by!  Everyone was enjoying themselves that in no time it seemed we’d blown through a very yummy lunch and the second, and final, tea break of the day.  At five o’clock we packed up, sad to have such a wonderful day come to an end.  But at least we had sun downers to look forward to before saying the final goodbyes of the day.  And so the last Cape Town get together came to an end closing out a year of terrific events shared with lovely ladies!  Until the March Retreat, ladies, thank you for a fabulous day, and year, of writing events.


[All photo credits to Collette Kelly, Sumi Singh and Tracy Wilson]

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