When real life intrudes on my dreams

My dream is to be an author.  My real life is I am at a stage in my writing where I still need a day job to pay the bills and I need to fit my writing time around that.

But as someone dedicated to making my writing dreams come true, every year I have good intentions of signing up for NaNoWriMo to help work on my manuscript.  Alas I’m not always able to thanks to said day job.  This year though it looked like I was clear to sign up and dig in as our workload was such that I’d be able to cope.  (Cue maniacal laughter) … The universe had other plans.  No sooner had I committed to NaNo and gotten stuck into getting that all important word count up all hell broke loose at work and it came pouring in.  I was well on target with a good 3000-odd words written to make my 50 000 word count for November when the work instructions started piling up in my inbox.  (As an aside I work from home doing legal transcriptions to earn my living.)  The nature of the work is such that it cuts into one’s personal free time and thus cuts down on my writing time.

My kneejerk reaction was to chuck in the towel and admit defeat … I’m never going to make my 50 000 word count by the end of the month.  But then, once I’d stopped to take a deep breath and have a proper think about it, I realised that it’s not necessarily about the 50 000 words but more about the journey.  No matter how many words I do eventually manage to write between now and the end of November it will still be that many more words than I had at the beginning of November, right?  Not a bad thing.  It’s not what I hoped for by hey, that’s life.  It doesn’t always go according to script and it’s up to us to readjust our attitude to factor in our change in circumstances.

This hiccup in my moment in time proved to me yet again what amazing people inhabit this writing community I have become a part of.  When I mentioned to writing friends and acquaintances about my little setback they were quick to rally around and offer support and fabulous words of encouragement.  Much needed and deeply appreciated. 💟

I am happy to report that while my target word count is completely blown I am still soldiering on and adding as I can.  And it’s getting me that much closer to a completed manuscript.

So cheers to the rest of you NanoWriMos … wishing you much inspiration, speedy fingers and a fabulous word count.  See you on the other side. 😊

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