This, that and a dead PC

What do you do when life is throwing lemons at you almost faster than you can catch them?  Why, you call up your gal pals and have a margarita party, right?  🍸🍸🍸 Sadly, it didn’t work out quite like that today but hey, at least I did got to spend time those fabulous gal pals of mine.

Having a couple of miles on my odometer I get that life isn’t all smooth sailing but the old adage of “it never rains but it pours” is a little too close to home at the moment.  For the last couple of months first this and then that and finally another has gone awry but it all culminated in my laptop giving up the ghost today.

Picture the scene:    I am currently working on a short story for submission to an editor.  I have been agonising over this short story for a while now as I battle to get the word count up and time passes me by.  Let me give you a bit of context as to why though.

See, I have been dreaming about being an author since I was in my mid teens.  Even went so far as to pen a manuscript with my cousin at the age of 15.  In fact, when I moved some time ago I came across that manuscript while going through boxes.  But I digress.

Since I allowed life to get in the way of my dream for more years than I’m willing to lay claim to I currently have a (pretty demanding) “day job” that pays the bills and I fit my writing time in as and when I can.  But because of said “day job” there are day I cannot indulge my creativity.  The well of words freezes over and I am unable to get anything to come out.  This affects my word count and so it’s taking far longer to get the words out than it should.  Hence I have been agonising about the word count.

Back to today:     I had a writing date with my (writing) friends for this afternoon.  The plan was to get that word count up with focus and intent.  With great anticipation and much excitement (I really love these collaborative writing days) I packed up my laptop and other paraphernalia needed for a productive afternoon of writing.  Off I went, intention firm.  I set up, sit down get ready to write and … my laptop shuts itself down.

Now, to be fair my laptop has randomly been shutting itself down without notice.  The hubster thought it might be doing this due to overheating so I leave it for a few minutes then I go to turn it on and … nothing!  Not even the light on the power button comes on.  Just … nothing!!! 😱

After trying to get it to come back on for almost a half an hour I had to admit defeat.

Sadly, my laptop has crossed the rainbow bridge to join its electronic brethren in that big electronics store in the sky.  RIP little faithful.  You’ve served me well.

The hubster is currently down a laptop because I’ve shanghaied his one to get that bloody word count up until I can replace my own.

In the meantime, margaritas, por favour! 🍸🍸🍸

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