Book Review : My Not So Fabulous Life – Sophie Kinsella

I am blessed to be able to write articles freelance for a mother and baby magazine with a dear friend of mine.  One of the many perks of doing so is that I get to read some wonderful books and it doesn’t break my poor, strained book budget.  A couple of issues ago I was asked to review Sophie Kinsella’s book, My Not So Fabulous Life.

I have to say, it was most definitely not what I was expecting.  When I received this book to review and saw that readers had said they were “giddy with laughter” and that it was a “laugh-a-minute” I thought: Well terrific, a comedy! I could do with a good laugh right now.  Sadly, it would seem that at the time I read the book I must have misplaced my funny bone.

I had a laugh here and there but for the most part I didn’t find myself “giddy with laughter” after reading this “laugh-a-minute”.  Don’t get me wrong, I get that no two people will enjoy a book quite the same way and clearly this book appealed to their sense of humour.  I didn’t find the same.  What I did find though was that I was happy, down, annoyed, cheering for a happy ending and just generally rooting for the main character, Katie. In the end, despite the fact that I didn’t find it as funny as I thought it would be I found that it was well written. Sophie Kinsella took you on the journey along with Katie. She gave you insight into Katie’s life and experiences, and you can’t help but empathise as she nails life’s struggles accurately. The constant juggling of work/home/life balance, love, money and all the sticky subject matter in between. Not what I expected at first glance but a thoroughly good read nonetheless.  I highly recommend getting a copy of your own and make up your own mind about what appeals to you most about this book.

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