Book review : A Marriage Worth Saving – Therese Beharrie

In a previous blog I mentioned that my first foray into adult reading was an introduction to Mills and Boon.  Back in the day they had the horrendous reputation of being bodice rippers mainly because the hero was always written as a so-called alpha male.  He was pretty much just an arrogant ass!

Since then Mills and Boon have been absorbed into Harlequin and thankfully the hero of yesteryear has been replaced by a more modern, less (dare I say it?) jackass hero.  They now boast some of the best talent out there in the world of romance writing.  And I have the pleasure of the acquaintance of at least two of these talented ladies.  I also had the pleasure of reading a book by one of these ladies recently.  I loved it!

A Marriage Worth Saving by the lovely Therese Beharrie is set in Stellenbosch, South Africa.  As I grew up in and around Cape Town that already was a winner for me.  But the story itself absolutely captivated me.

Mila is the very capable event planner brought in to make an event happen on the Thomas Vineyard.  She’s sweet and funny, but so broken by the circumstances of her life.  Jordan is the handsome, charming heir apparent to the Thomas legacy.  But he is equally as broken by the circumstances of his life.

They meet through the event that Mila is hired to pull off and Jordan sweeps Mila off her feet.  Their short whirlwind romance ends in marriage and what should be a happily-ever-after.  But life isn’t always that forgiving.  Tragedy strikes and their commitment is tested to the absolute limits.  Is the love that they share strong enough to see them through their own personal brokenness?  I encourage you to invest in your own copy of this wonderful book to find out.  I will, however, advise you to have copious amounts of tissues close to hand!


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