Taking a leap of faith

Deciding to grab my courage in both hands and putting pen to paper, so to speak, was huge for me.There weren’t many people I felt comfortable telling about my foray into this unknown territory.  As I went about creating my online presence I hid behind an avatar, picking one I felt conveyed both my “good girl” and my “bad girl”.  But as time has gone by, I’ve decided that  I am who I am, and people will either like me or not.  Either way, that’s ultimately their decision.  Whenever I get shaky or uncertain about whether I’m pushing other people’s boundaries too far, my husband will fold me in one of his fabulous hugs and tell me to be proud of who I am and what I am doing, he is.  If others are uncomfortable about the territory that I wonder into during my writing, that’s their problem.

Sometimes I think I don’t tell my husband often enough that he is an amazing human being.  His unflagging, unwavering support and encouragement has kept me going on this, sometimes  crazy, sometimes frustrating, sometimes downright difficult, but always worthwhile journey I’ve been on for this past three years.  So, taking my courage in both hands yet again, and channelling my husbands positive energy I decided to take a huge leap of faith.  In a visit with my amazing friend, I told her I was planning on doing a photo shoot and I was “coming out”.  Bless her, she calmly looked at me and said “count me in”.  At this point I should probably tell you that, for many of the same reasons as mine, she was equally uncomfortable telling people about her writing.  But was willing to do this with me anyway.  And now you know why she’s my amazing friend!

So, that’s what we did.  We pulled on our big girl panties, got all “prettiful” as my son would say and did the photo shoot.  Oh my word … we had an absolute ball.  What fun!  And, even if I should say so myself, the photos are really good.  I didn’t think I would photograph well.  I have never considered myself photogenic.  But, the photographer took all our concerns into account (all the “please hide all the unsightlies”, “make us look fab” and the like Winking smile) and served us up some really stunning shots.  Thank you Elton Willenburgh for making us look a million bucks

crop of EWP (45)

I took a leap of faith … and here I am.

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