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Genre : Romantic Suspense


Katherine Spence has always dreamed of having her own speciality bakery. But her life’s work is put at risk when an arsonist threatens to take it away.

Grayson James, the fire investigator, finds himself intrigued by the sweet and baker. But he can’t afford to lose focus on the case.

Tragedy strikes a match, leaving Katherine questioning the blaze in her life caused by a mad man, and the one in her heart lit by Grayson.

Can a happily ever after be plausible after the destruction in their lives? Or will Grayson and Katherine’s love crumble in the heat?

Genre : Romantic Suspense


When Willow Martin’s lifelong best friend is murdered, she’s left devastated. She knows she needs to pull herself together for the two little girls who are now put under her guardianship. The last thing that should be on her mind is the attraction to investigating officer Adam Dawson.

From the moment Adam glances Willow’s way, he finds himself drawn to her, but she’s off limits. He needs to be professional while investigating her best friend’s murder.

The murderer has no intention of stopping, throwing Willow and Adam into a maelstrom of danger and deceit. Events unfold testing not only Willow, but also Adam’s strength of character, as well as their blossoming love.

Will Willow be another victim? Or can Adam save not only the girl, but their relationship as well?

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A shorty-short read


Mia is on the run but tired of being lonely. She wonders what it would be like if, just this one night only, she found someone to chase away the loneliness. But does she have the courage? When she meets a handsome stranger in the hotel bar she decides he’s the one. And finds the courage to ask him back to her room for a night of passion to sooth the loneliness