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Coming 2019

love at last
by dorothy ewels

Raw, unedited teaser

          Introvert and book store owner, Willow Martin, has had a difficult life. Bitter at being abandoned by her husband, Willow’s mother taught men could not be trusted. They all walked out at some point. When her lifelong best friend is murdered, Willow is devastated, but she needs to pull herself together for the two girls she now find herself guardian of. 

          Investigating officer, Adam Dawson, has always believed in love. Growing up with happily married parents, he is convinced that his own marriage is rock solid, until he finds his wife cheating and realizes his life is based on lies. 

          From the moment Adam glances Willow’s way, he finds himself drawn to her. However, she’s out of his reach. He is the investigating officer of her best friend’s murder, he needs to keep it professional. 

          They’re thrown into a maelstrom when the murderer makes it known that they’re not done. The events that unfold will test not only Willow and Adam’s strength of character, but their blossoming love as well. 

          Can they overcome the obstacles life throws their way to find their forever?

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